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Where does marijuana come from?

September 15th

Marijuana typically comes from British, Columbia. It is a green, plush plant that has 5 leaves on it. If you see it growing in the U.S., then you should alert your local authorities. It's illegal to even possess it unless you have a prescription. Where does marijuana come from? It's estimated that some 15 million Americans smoked marijuana last month. But are those pot smokers supporting Mexican drug cartels? Research from one think tank finds that as much as two-thirds of the pot in the U.S. could be coming from Mexico, sales of which fuel the drug war south of the border. At the same time, the growing acceptance of medical marijuana may be boosting domestic production. The fact is that when you buy pot on the black market, there's usually no way to know where it came from. In the world of high-end marijuana, there aren’t any labels or stickers; just fancy sounding cannabis strains.

Where does marijuana come from?

"We were just dealing with some AK-47, Sour Diesel, and O.G.," explained a dreadlocked marijuana middleman after making a pot purchase. What he and his partner do is illegal, so they asked that their identities not be revealed. They are both in their 20’s and asked to be described as "the conservative looking one and the hippie with dreads." They are part of a tiny section of the drug economy that actually knows where their product comes from. They drive to Northern California to buy directly from growers or from. . . . . READ MORE

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