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Judge Upholds $65,000 Fine Against Oregon Marijuana Legalization Petitioner

July 8th

SALEM, OR — An Oregon judge has upheld a $65,000 fine levied against Oregon Marijuana Policy Initiative sponsor Robert Wolfe for allegedly violating state law prohibiting paying petitioners by the signature.

The fine was issued by Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown in April 2012 because it was reported that Wolfe was paying petitioners by the signature, instead of by the hour, which violates Oregon state law.  According to the Oregonian, that is the largest fine ever levied for violating the petitioning law, surpassing a $10,900 fine issued in 2008.

Senior administrative law judge Alison Greene Webster upheld the fine Friday, ruling that based on testimony from petitioners she believed Wolfe was in violation of the petitioning law.

Wolfe’s attorney, Dan Meek, plans on challenging the fine in the Oregon Court of Appeals.  He says the fine was levied for allegedly paying two petitioners by the signature on a total of only 26 signature sheets out of over 30,000 submitted by the campaign.

In a statement released Friday, Meek says the allegations were made by two workers “incapable of telling the truth”:

The Secretary of State’s case depends on the testimony of the 2 circulators. Only one of them appeared in person at the hearing. Cross. . . . . READ MORE

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