To Stoned to Drive? There’s an App for That.

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CheckPlusBalance provides a quick, private, accurate and objective measure of personal performance. It helps responsible people quickly, privately and accurately determine their impairment level prior to driving. CheckPlusBalance can help individuals assess their performance regardless of the cause of possible impairment, including marijuana, alcohol, medication, illness or fatigue.

CheckPlusBalance was developed specifically to help people who want to be confident that they can perform at a safe level after taking medication, alcohol, recreational drugs, or who have any reason to confirm their current level of functioning.

phone-hand-cpbThe underlying technology and application is the accumulation of 60 years combined technology and legal experience and study, including, thousands of federal and international peer-reviewed studies, thousands of court hearings, NASA/NHTSA/DOD research, medical device development and performance assessment experience. The founders have taught and published extensively.

The test takes about two minutes to complete and it provides an accurate snapshot of the subject’s memory, balance, reaction time and time perception. Individuals can create their own personal sober “baseline” when they feel “okay.” The baseline can be reset anytime and standard baselines are included.

Of particular importance is using CheckPlusBalance after the consumption of marijuana, which is now legal in two states and is allowed for medical purposes in many others. Although the use of cannabis alone is seldom associated with motor vehicle accidents, consumption of the substance can temporarily alter psychomotor performance — particularly in more naive consumers. Subjects can readily and privately assess their performance after ingesting cannabis against their sober baseline, empowering them to make safer decisions based upon established science and actual behavioral performance. Input from law enforcement as well as from NORML provided concrete design concepts, which were incorporated into CheckPlusBalance.

Says NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano, author of the peer-reviewed paper” Cannabis and Psychomotor Performance: A Rational Review of the Evidence“: “Use of this performance-based technology better promotes responsible cannabis use and addresses public demands for alternative ways to discourage driving under the influence.”

The app is currently available free as a public service to anyone who wants it, in support of a broader policy and public safety effort.

For further information, including a demonstration video, please visit our website:

You can go directly to the iTunes store and download the app at:

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