Pot, Pipes, Paraphernalia Found at Home of Indian’s Chris Perez

Chris PerezROCKY RIVER, OH – A police search of the home of Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez yielded marijuana, pipes and other smoking paraphernalia, court documents said.

Perez, 28, and his wife, Melanie, attended a hearing Tuesday at Rocky River, Ohio, Municipal Court, where the inventory of items found by officers in the June 4 search was filed, the (Cleveland) Plain Dealer reported Thursday.

The couple pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor drug charges.

The search of the Perez home was conducted after postal inspectors detected and intercepted a package, mailed from Los Angeles to the Perez family dog, that smelled of marijuana, a Postal Service report on the incident read.

During the search of the home, police found a small amount of marijuana, two marijuana pipes, a bong, metal grinders used to break down the plant’s buds and other items, the document filed Tuesday said.

A Rocky River police officer wrote in a report Perez admitted the marijuana and related material belonged to him.

Perez and his wife are each charged with drug abuse, a fourth-degree misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and a $250 fine. Their next scheduled court appearance is Sept. 3.

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