Philadelphia Activists Brace for Smoke Down Prohibition VII

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Final preparations by marijuana reform activists in Philadelphia are underway for Smoke Down Prohibition VII, the seventh in a series of monthly protests held at Independence National Historic Park.

Smoke Down Prohibition VIIAfter six successful rallies, The Panic Hour and Philly NORML, joint organizers of the event, will return to Independence National Historic Park, home of the Liberty Bell, to peacefully protest cannabis prohibition starting on July 26.

Unlike previous editions of Smoke Down Prohibition, which were one-day demonstrations, this event begins at 4:20 pm on a Friday, and taking a page from last year’s Occupy movement, will continue for as long as necessary — even if it stretches for days, weeks, or months.

“We ask you to join us and peacefully sit in at the Liberty Bell to stand up against cannabis prohibition,” organizers said in a press release about the event.

There will be speakers, activities, arts and crafts and workshops throughout the evening.

Previous protests began earlier in the day and climaxed with a 4:20 pm civil disobedience demonstration, with activists openly smoking cannabis, which led to the arrest of organizers and activists at Smoke Down Prohibition V in May.

This time around, organizers say, the “moment of marijuana reflection” will not be determined beforehand.  Previous protest were peaceful and without incident, until police converged on the park area just before 4:20 pm during May’s rally.

“Our apologies to the Park Rangers, DHS, PPD, SEPTA Transit Police and Fish and Wildlife Services for not giving them a specific time,” organizers say, tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Organizers of the event have created a video, Guidelines for the Smoke Down Sit In, which includes such tips as how — and how not — to be arrested peacefully.

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