New Zealand Pro-Cannabis Group Raising Money by Selling Cannabis Bonds

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AOTEAROA, NEW ZEALAND — A pro-cannabis political party from New Zealand has found a unique approach to sell cannabis to supporters without breaking the law. The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party  is selling bond certificates good for an eighth of marijuana, redeemable once it is legal to do so.

The $50 Cannabonds are part of a fundraising effort looking forward to a 2014 election campaign to promote a regulated, taxable cannabis market for adults.

“We think this is a fun way of repaying our supporters in the future,” spokesman Steven Wilkinson said.

“We are the only political party in New Zealand that is offering Cannabis bonds so we think it will give us an advantage leading into the next election.”

The party says they anticipate legalization, and the bonds will be redeemable after six months of growing a “Victory Crop,” which will be distributed to bond holders upon harvest.

When asked about the legality of the Cannabonds, Mr Wilkinson said they were “entirely legal” and “the party would not be engaging in any illegal activity”.

The bonds can be purchased on the ALCP’s website:

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