Judge Denies Motion To Dismiss Marijuana Case

A judge Tuesday Sep 27 2009 denied the motion that would dismiss a criminal case against defendants in Nevada who say they were only distributing state-sanctioned medical marijuana.

Nevada District Judge Smith ruled the state law “is written with sufficient definiteness so as not to be void for vagueness.”

District Judge acknowledged the Legislature of the USA might not have appropriately addressed “methods of supply of medicinal marijuana to patients authorized to use it.”

Nevada law  will allows medical marijuana cardholders to possess, deliver or produce certain amounts of marijuana for pain relief. However, other state and federal laws make it illegal to buy or sell marijuana.

More than a dozen defendants facing criminal charges for distributing medical marijuana have argued the Nevada law is self-contradictory.

It is becoming clear that with medicinal marijuana becoming legal we are faced with older laws that will contradict what is now legal.

What should states do about this kind of thing and how do you think there can be better protection for those that want to supply the people that are in need?

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