Comment on NY Docs Discredit Bloomberg’s Claim that Medical Marijuana is a “Hoax” by Mike

I’m with you all the way except for the last part, where I can only suggest a gentle reconsideration. War does ugly things to people, even when they are on the right side of history, because it is really easy to get sucked into the opposition’s way of thinking. The longer a war goes on, the more both sides begin to resemble each other in their actual conduct, if not how they describe it in public.

It gets to the point where it’s important to step outside that box to preserve on own moral credibility.

We as a movement are also having a bit of a rough transition to being a majoritarian position. Whether it’s medical or full legalization, more Americans support it than oppose it. Like in all revolutions, things don’t advance uniformly. The most important example of that is the fact that we are a majority, but the legal system is lagging far, far behind what the people now believe and support. We have to keep the pressure on, particularly as we find that the opposition, finding itself defeated on several fronts, is trying to introduce prohibitionlite, keeping the “drug war ” going by “regulating” newly legal marijuana in such a way as to maintain much of the current system as possible, treating us like we’re second-class citizens.

So it is very important at this particular time not to give the losing side any opportunity to use martyrdom as a tool against the inevitable. I’m firmly convinced that much of the remaining opposition will fade once we want truth and reconciliation, not truth and vengeance. The other side is scared. They’re now a minority, they know deep down that what they’re been doing was deeply unAmerican, besides involving them as willing participants in ongoing human rights violations.

We should never forget the past. That’s how we ended up in this situation, by forgetting how ineffective prohibition was against a far more dangerous intoxicant, alcohol.

On the other hand, correcting what is wrong with us that we fell into this delusional policy as a society depends on learning from what happened. Repeating the mistakes that led the other side to take vengeance on us for throwing their hypocrisy in their face means they win, even in losing. The way we win and will keep winning is by getting past that. Unless it comes to civil war — something I doubt is possible, despite the passions on both sides — I think we need to do the right thing and make it clear we’re not here for vengeance, but for justice. We are unstoppable if we do that.

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