Comment on Drug Czar Tries to Link Marijuana and Crime, Fails by Mike

Another thought…

So Mr. K thinks legalization is a “bumper sticker solution”? Given that a majority of Americans now supports legalization, I guess Mr. K thinks democracy is a “bumper sticker solution,” too.

This is America. When the people speak at the ballot box, people in government like Mr. K are supposed to listen. To dismiss what he’s heard so lightly also means Mr. K needs to actually think about what he’s heard. It’s the end of an era. Mr. K will go down in history as the Boris Yeltsin of dope unless he starts taking the views of the American people into consideration. There is much he could do without even changing the law, from ending the persecution against medical marijuana to simply reducing marijuana to the lowest law enforcement priority. The fact that he’s done nothing but defend the failed status quo demonstrate that any claims he made to be a change agent were patent lies.

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