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Americans See Pot War As Futile Fight

June 5th

It could happen as early as 2014.

In the wake of ballot measures legalizing marijuana in Washington state and Colorado, it’s not at all out of the question that Oregon voters will have another shot at legalizing marijuana in this state.

Now, it’s true that Oregon voters just last November rejected another initiative, Ballot Measure 80, which would have legalized marijuana.  But our sense is that voters were reluctant to ratify that particular measure because — well, because it was loony.

If there’s a pot-legalization measure on the Oregon ballot in 2014 — and if the measure appears to have been crafted with somewhat more care than went into Measure 80 — our hunch is that the measure will pass.

And Oregon state law on marijuana will lurch into head-on conflict with federal law.

The Obama administration hasn’t given much guidance on this matter to its federal attorneys in Washington state and Colorado after the marijuana votes in those states.  In fact, Obama himself said that his administration had “bigger fish to fry” than figuring out strategie. . . . . READ MORE

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